Freshwater Parrotfish Hatchlings, Fry, Adults and General Aquarium Photos, March 8, 2001

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This is a "Parrotfish" newborn, just above the "E" at the top left center of the heater.
They're just quivering blobs which spend most of their time on their sides at this point.
The heater is a reflection off the bare bottom glass, note that the lettering is backwards.
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This one hasn't gotten entirely free of its egg casing yet.
Note how it looks like an egg with a head and a tail.
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You can see how the hatchlings lay around on their sides and look like they are dead.
They are still struggling to free themselves from their egg casings and the only way you know they are alive is when they start thrashing their tails after resting.
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This is the 75 gallon "Barb Tank."
Visible are Tigers, Bleeding Heart Tetras, 3 "Parrots" and a Cory.
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I would have tossed this shot of 2 "Parrots" for being slightly out of focus, but the colors were so good I decided to keep it!
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Another "Parrot" shot.
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This is the small shelf addition I made for the 75 "Community Grow-Out Tank."
It's handy to have a place to set small things while feeding or working on the tank.
It's actually a slat from a stand door attached by drywall screws and stained to match the stand.
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Overview of the previous shot.
Tammy says I should tell you all that the cylinder next to the tank is "our fishy jail where we put the bad fish and blast them around."
It's really a 48" tall Holmes fish light novelty thing which bubbles and changes colors. We received two of them as a Christmas present from our good friend Tim.
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The small shelf I made for the 75 Barb tank.
Note the angled leading edge as this is close to a traffic area.
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Different angle of the previous shot.
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The first brood of "Parrot" fry are growing rapidly on their nauplii diet!
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The family resemblence is becoming more and more pronounced. They already swim quite like their parents.
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This is a young male Guppy in our 20 gallon Tetra tank. He was rescued as a small fry from an aggressive tank at the LFS where he had been put "by accident."
When we saw he was still in there on a second visit and had managed to survive we decided he had earned a place in our "Fry Paradise" tanks.
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