March 31, 2001 Fry Photos

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Four 3 week old Rosy Barbs. We thought they were tiger eggs, but a week after they hatched we knew something was different about them....
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The lastest brood of Electric Yellows and Parrots. The Yellows were stripped from their mother about 10 days ago and the Parrots have been hatched for about 3 weeks.
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Three 3 week old Rosy Barbs. Note the distinctive black spot just before their tails.
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The 75 grow out tank was mostly cleared out to make room for the 199 or so Tiger fry which were outgrowing a 20 long and 10 leader.
Here they are doing their typical begging routine at the feeding station.
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This 75 now has around 100 two month old Tiger fry, 6 four month old Electric Yellows, 21 two month old Yellows, some Zebra Danios, some Platies, a whole mess of Cory Cats and a couple of Plecos.
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You can get an idea of how busy the 75 baby tank is from this shot.
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A couple of two month old Yellows and 4 four month old Yellows fight with Cories and Tigers for some shrimp pellets while a couple of Zebras look on.
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Little fish everywhere!
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The four month old Yellows pretty much rule the 75 now, even the adult Zebras won't mess with them!
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A close shot of the "boss" Yellow in the 75 baby tank.
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Throw a few shrimp pellets in this tank and it's like a miniature rugby game!
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