The 120 Gallon Community Tank

The Stats

Dimensions Filtration Heating Air Pump Lighting
48x24x24 2x Emperor 400's w/biowheels 2x Jager 200w submersible TetraTec AP200 &
Hagen Elite 801
3 x 48" 40 watt flourescent

About The 120
The 120 gallon aquarium was set up in October of 2000. It was our full intention to have this tank completely natural with live plants but I'm just about as good at growing plants in water as I am out of water. So, alas, the tank is filled with plastic plants with just a couple real ones scattered here and there. The substrate consists of both sand and gravel. The sand we bought at a local lumberyard. The tank was originally filled with 135 lbs of sanitized playsand (the kind you see in sandboxes)and approximately 85 lbs of gravel. The rocks you see were gathered by us while in Western New York State at a family member's piece of property from a stream that runs behind the house. The rocks are mainly different varities of granite and slate.

The Occupants- This will change from time to time.
Currently we have 5 Giant Danios, 10 Clown Loaches, 1 Iranian Rainbow, 6 Electric Yellow Labido Cichlids, 6 adult Parrots and 1 relatively large Common Pleco (As of 12-15-02)

120G 90G 75G 75F 55G 30G 20LF 20HF 20G 20T 15F 15P 10G 10B BSSickHome

Legend: G=gallon T=Tetra H=High F=Fry L=Long P=Parrot B=Baby BS=Brine Shrimp