Born Summer of 1995

Part of the clan, Belle and Misty are sisters. One bright and sunny day in 1995 I had decided to cut the grass and went out to the garage to get the mower. I never paid attention to what was going on in the back corner of the garage. I wish I had! Anyways, I finished doing the yard work and put the mower away and locked up the garage. Two days later when I needed to get something out in the garage I heard a faint cry coming from the back corner. Imagine my surprise when I looked and found a litter of kittens. Eight in all. No mother just the kittens. VERY hungry kittens. I had always wanted to rear a litter of kittens and it certainly appeared I was going to get my wish. The downstairs bathroom became their "playpen". Out of eight, there were three Calicos. Three more that looked identical to Misty (white nose). Little Belle is the "brown noser", in more ways than one. *lol* Belle was the runt of the litter and the least healthy. From day one Misty seemed to be Belle's protector. They stayed side by side all the time. Misty played the mother role grooming Belle. Over time I was able to find good homes for the rest of the kittens but no one wanted Belle. Misty seemed to be the one that most people (after the Calicos were gone) favored but after watching the two kittens interact I decided they could only go as a duo. I wasn't about to allow them to be separated. Eventually I just decided... OK it's meant to be and the two of them were taken off the market. Misty is substantially larger than Belle body wise. She is much more shy than Belle, but once she gets to know you she loves to talk. Belle can be a terror! She found out the hard way that fish tanks can get you very wet. Oh.. how I wish I had had a video camera rolling that day!

Both of our girls have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Little Belle on October 26, 2013 and Misty aka "Fat Kitty" on January 2, 2015. They are together again.

I love you Belle and Misty. I'll miss you my pretty little ladies... Til we meet again....

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