Born October 10, 1997
Died February 10, 2015

Lhasa Apso

For years and years I never viewed myself as owning a little dog. I had always preferred big dogs with big teeth. Little dogs seemed like wimps to me. Not Daisy though. We've all heard the phrase "Big things can come in small packages". Daisy is that and then some. We don't own Daisy. It is safe to assume Daisy thinks she owns us. She rulez the roost! She grabbed my heart the moment I saw her and she hasn't let go since. She weighed 12 ounces when I brought her home. With only a few patches of hair here and there on her body due to a reaction to her initial vaccinations, the place I got her from was considering having her destroyed since they obviously were not going to make money on her. She is the only four-legged pet I have ever paid money for, all have been strays. Only after bringing her home did I find out that her life started in a puppy mill. Needless to say, I worked with the authorities to have the mill closed down. Different story, another time. I'm just thankful she came into our lives. Shes my girl!

The Lhasa Apso originated in the ancient country of Tibet. The breed took its name from the sacred city of Lhasa. They were only bred by holy men and nobles and were thought to bring good luck to their owners. They were used as watchdogs in temples and monasteries, and they were considered sacred, for when its master died, his soul was thought to enter the Lhasa Apso's body. I'm not gonna debate it, Daisy sure is spirited!!

It's been almost a year since Daisy crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Her little body just wore out. I miss her so much. I pray that someday I'll see her again. I love you baby girl...

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