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Born April, 1994 - October 14, 2009
German Shephard-Collie Mix

Big Dog... Big Teeth!!

Sox came to us in early June of 1994. I'm not sure when he was born. I can only estimate that he was between 6 and 8 weeks old when we found him. Some idiot had dropped a litter of seven pups along the highway outside of town. Being the sap that I am, I couldn't resist. At first we thought Sox was part Shepard and Chow, but as he matured, the Shepard is a given, the Collie became evident, and the Chow non-existent. Sox is 80 lbs. of pure wuss. *lol* That is, unless you try to mess with his home or family. He has come to my rescue on one occassion, and protected our home a few times. He's a good boy...

Sox left us today. There really isn't any words to describe what I am feeling. I lost a dear friend and a very real member of my family. He was strong and yet gentle. He could be fierce and yet he was compassionate. He was loving. He was a true gentleman. When Sox was "on the job" I felt safe. We could go for long walks at night and I always knew that no matter what we came up on, he would protect me to the best of his ability. Other than the few times I was away from home here and there, we spent every day of the last 15 years together. I can't imagine what life is going to be like without him. I miss you already buddy.

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