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The Tanks

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** Tammy & Henry's Aquarium Photos**

The Dedicated Tanks
120 Gallon Community Tank
90 Gallon Community Tank
75 Gallon Barb Tank
75 Gallon Jr Fry Tank
30 Gallon Angel Tank
20 Gallon Tetra Tank
20 Gallon Guppy Tank
15 Gallon 'Parrot' Tank
10 Gallon Guppy Tank
10 Gallon Baby Tank
2.5 Gallon 'Stumpy's Haven'

The Breeding/Fry Tanks
20 Gallon Long
20 Gallon High
15 Gallon

Brine Shrimp Factory
Hospital Tank(s)

The Tank That Is No More
55 Gallon Community Tank

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