The 75 Gallon Jr Fry Tank

The Stats

Dimensions Filtration Heating Air Pump Lighting
48x20x18 2- Emperor 280's w/biowheels 2- Acura 150w submersible Tetratec AP200 48" 40w strip light
*extra lighting present

About The 75 Fry Tank
This tank had originally been set up in September 2000 as a a place for the fry from other tanks. Due to some kind of infestation of larvae from a Whirligig Beetle it had to be stripped in November 2000, everything sterilized and re-established. Those are some nasty bugs!! We think they came in on a live plant I had added to the tank. (A lesson learned in that one!) Anyways, the substrate remains the same with the exception that we used some rocks that we picked up locally along the shoreline of a bay. This tank also has a Cory Park in the left rear corner. Since this tank was for "kids" I wanted it to have something silly. I added an ornament that sat in the center of an airplane that had "crashed" with the pilot still in the cockpit. The ornament sat on top of a cave that was formed out of slate and then covered with gravel. It also had a scuba diver traveling around the tank but he got in my way. He's history. It is heavilly planted so the littleones have places to go to feel secure.

The Occupants
In this tank the occupants are constantly changing. They join this tank when they are a certain size and leave when they get to a point that they can flourish in the tanks with adults. As of now there are approximately 75 Tiger Barbs born in late January, approximately 20 Electric Yellows born at the same time, 20 Parrots born in early March, several Zebra Danios who I may add are spawning now and have fry in other tanks, an army of Bronze Corys, a couple of Rubbernose Plecos and a few Oto Cats. Even though this tank seems over crowded it really isn't. The fish are all still small and there is extra filtration and air on this tank. We closely monitor the water quality and perform maintenance on this tank constantly.

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Legend: G=gallon T=Tetra H=High F=Fry L=Long P=Parrot B=Baby BS=Brine Shrimp